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Icons, Legends & Muses

James L. .jpg HEADSHOT.jpg
Photo by Courtney Douglas

James Hicks was born in Annapolis Md and raised in Washington DC.

He attended Theodore Roosevelt Senior High School and went on to

 earn a BA in Medical Illustration at Morehouse College in Atlanta Ga.

James took his first photography course during his matriculation at

Morehouse and that is where his passion for photography began.


Upon completion of his studies at Morehouse College ,James returned

to Washington DC. and began assisting photographers. He very soon

branched off on his own and began his freelance photography career.


James was very interested in fashion and beauty and was able to secure

a position as a frequent contributor to the fashion pages of the Baltimore

Sun Newspaper and Magazine.


As his editorial career began to flourish, he was also able to photograph

fashion advertising for a local department store, as well as, national ads for

a large clothing company.


James decided it was time to explore other markets so he began to travel to

Miami, Paris and New York.  It was New York that captured his heart.

Soon after relocating to New York, he began shooting fashion & beauty editorial's for several different publications which eventually led him to photographing celebrities. He has worked with numerous icons and legends such as Smokey Robinson, Pam Grier, The Sister Sledge ,as well as, notable entertainers such as Alicia Keys, Erykah Badu, Usher, and Sean Puffy Combs.

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